Welcome to Sydney Ghost Tours

Are you, or your group of friends, looking for a “different” way to enjoy a great night out? For less than the price of a concert ticket per person, I will mentally transport you into a different world. You will see things you have looked at for years in a whole new way. You will hear things that will run electricity down your spine, raise the hairs on your neck – and leave with the adrenaline rush of a good, fun scare!

We run Ghost Tours in Sydney, Australia where Ghosts, haunted houses, historic cemeteries & buried skeletons, lay right next to leafy, suburban backyards - and sometimes, in them. Find out more

Our Ghost Tours

We have three main Sydney based ghost tours that run regularly.

Our Family Friendly Ghost Tour
Perfect for a fun filled family night out, designed for children of all ages

Lower North Shore Sydney Ghost Tour
You'll see the seemingly ordinary in a whole new light

Middle North Shore Sydney Ghost Tour
You never know what you will bump into on one of our tours

Here’s what people say…

"I implore you to not only support this excellent and novel local business, but to enjoy the night learning a little more about the history of Sydney and having, overall, an entirely stimulating and fun evening! I’ll be going back for more."

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