About Sydney Ghost Tours

Daniel Phillips is the founder of SydneyGhostTour.com and Beyondthegrave.net.au.

“Telling the stories of the past in the present, in a way that is so vivid, compelling and real, that they embed themselves into the consciousness of the future”

He is a local historian & tour guide, who has researched in enormous depth and detail the hidden history of Sydney, Australia. SydneyGhostTour.com and GhostTourSydney.Com.au seek to tell the story of Sydney, and Australia’s forgotten pioneers. We preserve and promote their memory, by vividly telling their stories in the present, both through our tours, the internet and via other technologies.

All of our tours are Historic Ghost tours. We have to talk about some really extraordinary history, so that the context of the ghost stories make sense . ( This won’t be the dry, stuffy history as you remember from school. This stuff is gritty, real and fascinating!) . About 70% of what we talk about is taken from peoples letters, diaries and public records. 10% of the tour will be my own opinion and “connecting the dots” from years of dedicated research. The 20% Paranormal part of the tour is a completely “make your own mind up” exercise….!

This company was created as a result of watching, with mounting frustration, elected officials and bureacrats paying lip service, and not much more, to the need of preserving our heritage. It became apparent that an alternative plan was needed before more was lost. Rather than wait around for government “to get around to it”, we put aside 10% of our pre tax profit into a fund that preserves, repairs and restores heritage items and historic sites. Essentially we are a “profit for a purpose’ organisation – when you come on our tours, you are directly contributing to the preservation and commemoration of the places, things and people we talk about on our tours.