Christmas Ghost Tours


Santa Claus? Reindeer? Mistletoe? Six White Boomers?

How did all that happen – and what happened when suddenly people of European descent,
found themselves on the other side of the world where the seasons were “upside down”?

The “Ghosts of Christmas Past” Twilight Ghost Tour is a fun”Family Friendly” Ghost tour

(Ages 9 and up – we still visit historic cemeteries at night) where we reveal how the traditions

we follow today came to be,and how they evolved over time to become what we now recognise.


There is a whole hidden history of Sydney that, as part of our visiting

with the “Ghosts of Christmas Past”,we reveal. You may never be able to look at many

of Sydney’s major landmarks quite the same way again!

This tour begins at the entrance of Stocklands Mall Cammeray Square,

on the corner of Amherst and Miller Streets in Cammeray (5 to 7 minutes drive

north of North Sydney)at the family friendly time of 6.15pm, and lasts for approximately two hours.

As with all of our tours, our standard terms and conditions apply, ( see our ‘terms of trade’ page)

with the requirement that all participants under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a

responsible adult.

Booking in advance is absolutely essential, as this tour is only available for a limited time,

and numbers are strictly limited for OH&S reasons.


If you would like come along, please select the appropriate choice from the drop down menu,

then hit the yellow “add to cart” button below!


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