Family Friendly Ghost Tour

“Mum,  I am so bored…” – the phrase that drives parents crazy . If you are a parent,  you are probably on the look out for something that will capture your children’s attention, and be fun for you as well. 

In Sydney’s lower North Shore,  SydneyGhostTour.Com will be running “ Family Friendly” Ghost tours (for parents with kids from 9 up)  visiting a cursed Aboriginal site, a Victorian era haunted  mansion, and a historic cemetery,  complete with resident ghosts. 

Will you and your kids feel the chill of electricity running up your spine,  or a shiver through your body from a spirit passing through you tonight?


 NOTE WELL: This is a modified version of the Adults tours that we run later in the night, so that you can have fun, bring your kids with you, and not have them want to sleep in your bed for the next week afterwards.   

All tour participants under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult on the tour. The minimum ratios of adults to kids is one adult to three kids. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure that the kids are quiet, attentive, courteous and safe. 

Anyone being disruptive, intoxicated or behaving in an unreasonable manner on the tour will be asked to leave, and no refund will be made. If this is a child, then the responsible adult will be asked to leave with them. It is unfair to the other people on the tour to be prevented from enjoying what they have paid for.  

We have a lot of good fun and belly laughs on Sydney Ghost Tours. Most people just come in comfortable, casual evening clothes. If you decide that you want to really make a night out of it, walk on the wild side and dress up as your favourite spooky figure to come on the tour , and perhaps go to dinner afterwards, knock yourself out. Just remember to bring warm clothes, and some good walking shoes – it gets a bit cold  on winter nights, and graveyards can be a bit unforgiving on high heels or dress shoes…!

Tours begin at the entrance of Stocklands Mall Cammeray Square, opposite Wild Sage Restaurant, on the corner of Miller Street and Amherst Streets in Cammeray. (Same location starting point as the Lower North Shore Ghost tour a) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Booking in advance is absolutely essential, as numbers are strictly limited for OH&S reasons.  

Please select the appropriate choice from the drop down menu, then hit the yellow “add to cart” button below! It will take you through to a menu that will allow you to choose the number of people you want to buy tickets for. 

Once you have done this – please call 02 8197 0363 to confirm your time for your tour immediately!


Family Ghost tour ticket