Middle North Shore Ghost Tour

To this day, Royal North Shore Hospital still captures headlines with real life horror stories – and it has a 125 year history…. You will visit a world where you will laugh, start seeing things you have looked at forever – particularly around medicine – in a whole new way, hear things that will run chills down your spine – and leave you with the adrenaline rush of a good, fun, scare!

Like all of our tours, this tour is a Historic Ghost tour. We have to talk about some really extraordinary history, so that the context of the ghost stories make sense . ( This won’t be the dry, stuffy history as you remember from school. This stuff is gritty, real and fascinating!) . About 70% of what we talk about is taken from peoples letters, diaries and public records. 10% of the tour will be my own opinion and “connecting the dots” from years of dedicated research. The 20% Paranormal part of the tour is a completely “make your own mind up” exercise….!

Departing from the centre water feature in the main courtyard of St Leonards Station in St Leonards (as per the marker on the map below), this Sydney Ghost Tour focuses on the later 19th Century and early 20th Century, and the “Movers and Shakers” of all religions who built the north shore.

Moving from premises on Willoughby Road, Crows Nest in the late 19th Century, RNSH was deliberately built next to a cemetery – ” for the purposes of good public health” ( i.e : ‘don’t have to move dead bodies very far’) …so if you see RNSH in the news – remember, expectations weren’t set very high to start with!!!. Sydney Ghost tours tell the stories of the turn of the late 19th to early 20th century buildings, and the often heroic efforts of staff and patients of yesteryear, some of whom current staff suspect and feel are still doing their rounds, over a century later.
Then, on to Gore Hill Cemetery, where a veritable “Who’s Who” were buried alongside the humble, in the first general cemetery on the north shore. Hidden amongst the family crypts and tombstones are stories that would make a Sidney Sheldon novel look very tame…. and the spirits of those taken before their time have reportedly made their presence felt….

We have a lot of fun and good belly laughs on Sydney Ghost tours. Most people just come in comfortable, casual evening clothes. If you decide that you want to really make a night out of it, , and dress up as your favourite spooky figure, or as a doctor or nurse – knock yourself out. Just remember to bring something warm, an umbrella and some good walking shoes. We go out in all weathers.

Tours now run Wednesday and Sunday nights on demand.  The new Registration time for this tour is 8.15 pm, and the tour starts at 8.30 pm AEDST sharp.  A second tour later in the evening starts at 11.15 pm for an 11.30 pm start – with the second tour requiring a minimum of ten people to run. Our tours start on time.

Booking in advance is absolutely essential, as numbers are strictly limited for OH&S reasons.  

Please select the appropriate choice from the drop down menu, then hit the yellow “add to cart” button below! It will take you through to a menu that will allow you to choose the number of people you want to buy tickets for. 

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