Friday 13th Ghost Tours Sydney

Friday the 13th Ghost Tour


This is a night when the veil between the spiritual and physical worlds is lifted.

 One of the most haunted days of the year, it is  famous for being a time when the dead will often reach out to communicate with the living – and this year will also be a FULL MOON!.

Are you brave enough to visit haunted mansions and historic cemeteries this Friday 13th June 2014? 

Departing from Cammeray Square, on the corner of Miller Street and Amherst Street in Cammeray ,  our Friday 13th Ghost tour visits:

  • a cursed aboriginal site,
  • a haunted mansion,   
  • a historic cottage, which served as a mortuary
  • and tour through the oldest, perhaps even the most historically significant, cemetery on the north side of Sydney.

We have a lot of good fun and belly laughs on Sydney Ghost tours. Most people just come in comfortable, casual evening clothes and solid, comfortable walking shoes – which we recommend. If you decide that you want to really make a night out of it, walk on the wild side and dress up as your favourite “Rocky Horror” character, or other spooky figure – knock yourself out. Just remember to arrive sober, bring something warm to wear , and some good walking shoes – it gets a bit cold for lingerie and fishnet stockings on overcast nights, and graveyards can be a bit unforgiving on high heels…!

Our numbers for the 13th of December 2013 tours will  fill up quickly. We have two “adults only” 8.15pm and 11.15pm sessions, with each group having a minimum of ten, and a maximum of 40 people. 


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