Lower North Shore Ghost Tour

Are you, or your group of friends, looking for a “different” way to enjoy a great night out? For less than the price of a concert ticket per person, I will mentally transport you into a different world. You will see things you have looked at for years in a whole new way. You will hear things that will run electricity down your spine, raise the hairs on your neck – and leave with the adrenaline rush of a good, fun scare!
Departing from Cammeray Square, on the corner of Miller Street and Amherst Street in Cammeray (as marked on the map below), Sydney Ghost tours visit:

  •  a cursed Aboriginal site,
  • a haunted mansion, ,
  • a historic cottage (which served as a mortuary)
  • and tour through the historic St Thomas’ Anglican Church Cemetery of North Sydney.

There are tales on this tour of grand adventure, love, lust, greed, murder, cannibalism, mayhem and intrigue from our Georgian and Victorian era past – and with so many reports of paranormal activity on the north shore, you never know who might make their “presence” felt. It is even more likely that you may never look at the north side of the harbour quite the same way again…. Are you brave enough to want to find out Sydney’s hidden secrets?

Like all of our tours, this tour is a Historic Ghost tour. We have to talk about some really extraordinary history, so that the context of the ghost stories make sense . ( This won’t be the dry, stuffy history as you remember from school. This stuff is gritty, real and fascinating!) . About 70% of what we talk about is taken from peoples letters, diaries and public records. 10% of the tour will be my own opinion and “connecting the dots” from years of dedicated research. The 20% Paranormal part of the tour is a completely “make your own mind up” exercise….!

We have a lot of good fun and belly laughs on Sydney Ghost tours. Most people just come in comfortable, casual evening clothes. If you decide that you want to really make a night out of it, walk on the wild side and dress up as your favourite spooky figure – knock yourself out. Just remember to bring something warm, and some good walking shoes – it gets a bit cold , and graveyards can be a bit unforgiving on high heels…!

The new Australian Eastern Standard Time for Registration for this tour is 8.15pm, and the tour starts at 8.30pm AEDST sharp – with a second tour later in the evening starting at 11.15 pm for an 11.30 pm start. Our tours start on time.

Booking in advance is absolutely essential, as numbers are strictly limited for O.H. & S. reasons . Please select the appropriate choice from the drop down menu, then hit the yellow “buy now” button below! It will take you through to a menu that will allow you to choose the number of people you want to buy tickets for.

Haunted Sydney Ghost Tour Tickets